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Mobile cranes play a vital role in many small and large construction projects in an array of industries. If your construction company regularly requires the use of various cranes, you may be considering buying a crane. However, mobile cranes are expensive pieces of equipment and there is a lot of consider before committing to purchasing a crane. Hiring a mobile crane may be more beneficial and cost-effective.

Workplace safety is always important (especially when heavy machinery is involved), but crane safety is particularly crucial due to the serious risks associated with cranes. Cranes are used in a range of industries and because of the risk that comes with crane operation, there are a number of regulations and safety guidelines which all industries must adhere to.

Mobile cranes are expensive pieces of machinery – it takes skill and care to operate a crane correctly. Crane best practice will ensure that not only is the equipment taken care of but that the load is kept secure. Safety also plays a vital role in operating a mobile crane; in the wrong hands, a mobile crane can be dangerous. This week on our blog, we have ten tips for efficient and safe mobile crane operation.