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We make the process of hiring modern, sophisticated mobile cranes simple and straightforward.

ALTIDA are happy to provide CPA hire, which includes a certified crane and a qualified operator that will work this crane abiding by your instructions. This is especially useful if you do not have a qualified crane driver already part of your team, and are in need of a driver to safely perform lifts on the crane that you have just hired.

This is needed as this kind of hire is done the meet the terms of a CPA Crane Hire agreement. This states that the crane as well as the operator are the responsibility of the customer as soon as the crane leaves a public highway in order to access the site. To meet these regulations, the customer in question has to provide a suitable appointed person who is therefore responsible for appointing the correct personnel, hiring the correct equipment and planning the lift in general.

If the hire is under a CPA Crane Hire agreement, then the customer’s appointed person must have the knowledge and understanding of every aspect of the lifting operation. As well as this, the crane owner has to supply a suitable operator and crane fit for its intended purpose. The customer has to also provide insurance cover for the loss of damage to a plant and equipment whilst on site and is under the customer’s control, as well as the loss of or damage to the goods that are being lifted.

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