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MERLO P 120.10HM


The Merlo Panoramic P 120.10 HM is a neat machine with compact dimensions, but it still packs a punch.

Despite being small it can reach operational heights of 10 meters and can handle loads of up to 12 tons.

It comes complete with the famous Merlo computerised system, which means it can be used by less experienced operators. Although if you did want to hire the Merlo Panoramic P 120.10 HM with an operator, just ask when you ring to book. We will be happy to supply one.

The on-board computer analyses all safety and operational settings and optimises them for enhanced performance, letting you get on with the job.

This telescopic handler is perfect for those light weight items, which make it a popular choice in farming and refuse management. Large quantities of cereals, vegetation, or even refuse can be easily transported around site.

Ready To Hire the Merlo Panoramic P 120.10 HM?

If you would like to hire the Merlo Panoramic P 120.10 HM get in touch. Our helpful and experienced staff on the hire desk will be able to suggest any accessories you might need.

We will also go through all the necessary paperwork to ensure your Merlo Panoramic P 120.10 HM arrives when you need it, where you need it.

We regularly service all our vehicles and machinery because we know how important it is to get equipment you can rely on.

If you are looking for a safe, sturdy, and compact handler to manage those light weight, high volume jobs, look no further.

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